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Contact K-State Research and Extension-Atchison County for information. 



Childcare Providers

Training opportunities available online meet Kansas Certification requirements. Providers in the Atchison area should contact K-State Research and Extension for scholarship funding.

Early Care Professionals need to know:Daycare

  • How children grow and develop;
  • How children can be safe, feel secure and remain healthy;
  • How children's families support their lives;
  • How and why children's development is assessed; and
  • How to value and support the diversity of the children, their families and the staff

Early Care Professionals need to be able to:

toddler 4
  • Create a safe, attractive and interesting environment for children;
  • Plan activities and experiences that are appropriate for the children's ages and capabilities;
  • Stimulate children's physical, social, intellectual and emotional development;
  • Interact with children in ways that guide them toward an understanding of self and others and toward increased self-control.

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Knowledge Areas

Curriculum Categories, the Core Body of Knowledge (CBK) for early childhood and school-age practitioners outlines what they need to know and do when caring for and educating young children. The seven knowledge areas are part of the Core Body of Knowledge!