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No Cook Play Dough Recipe

home made play dough

  Ingredients          5

  Prep Time             :15

  Makes                    4

  By:  Leimaycherry

  This easy play dough recipe requires no cooking and can be made by kids.


  •   2 cups plain flour
  •   1 cup salt
  •   1 Tbs oil
  •   1/2 to 1 cup cold water
              •    2 drops liquid food coloring


Step 1 … Combine plain flour and salt

Step 2 … Add water (starting with 1/2 cup) food coloring and oil. Mix until  ingredients are combined adding more water a little at a time as needed.

Step 3 … Knead well.

Step 4 … If consistency is too wet add a little plain flour.


This is a quick and easy recipe that kids can help make as well as play with. I have changed the ingredients to show 1/2 to 1 cup of water as many have required much more flour to get the right consistency.